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Throughout the Internet, Pavel Durov is constantly called a prize catch but… It was rumored for a long time that he was married to Darya Bondarenko – a journalist from St.

Petersburg who studied on the faculty of History of St. Later, she became known as the Durovʼs ʺcommon-law wifeʺ.

It is rumored that one of the Durovʼs principles consists in wasting less time on women and foolish people.

Nevertheless, Pavel was frequently caught in love to beautiful women.

In 2014, he sold out his share of ʺVKontakteʺ and emigrated from Russia. Kitts and Nevis Caribbean island and got busy with the Telegram messenger which is currently estimated at a billion dollars.

New-Dating profiles; First profile: Alena (id=20712) from Lugansk, Ukraine, 21y/o.The book says that she liked his ʺhaughty facial profileʺ and ʺfree of stereotypes perception of the worldʺ.As for Pavel, he disproved information on his marriage during the interview with Kononov.Besides, Helga and Alia, the models from Moscow who have made it to hit some lad mags’ covers, were also invited to that party.The same models were spotted during the ʺVKontakteʺ promotion action in Palace Square.

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As well if they do they write once just to build up trust but are very insitant on using the web site saying they cannot speak english or have no internet.