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TODAY's Hoda Kotb, who has firsthand experience at having naturally curly hair that she wears professionally straightened, sat down with the women to hear more about their experience. I grew up thinking that having curls was not a professional look and I found that it's not the case.

Day 1: Woke up with my curly hair this morning looking like a mess, but that’s normal. It’s been almost a year since the last time I straightened it. The takeaway: We shouldn't change how we look to please anyone but ourselves.

Yikes, that means I haven’t trimmed my ends in almost a year! My sister is excited for me for many reasons, including seeing what my hair looks like straight these days.

Don’t underestimate the power of the humble velcro roller.Sure, they’re associated with fluffy slippers, bathrobes and grannies, but they’re also a sure fire way to get add lift to roots while curling the length of your hair.Prep each one with hairspray before using them to give them extra grip and your hair hold, then give them a blast with your hairdryer to add heat.5.Need help finding the right one for your hair type and lifestyle?We’ve done the hard work for you and tried and tested all of the hair curlers out there to bring you the best heated rollers and curlers to get curly and wavy hair.

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I have been called "Doctor" more today than I have since I started here. The more I thought about it during the day, the more I realized that I was only giving those comments life and validity by allowing them to bother me. She wanted to make sure that I gave everyone a real experience and true insight into what I go through with straight hair. It probably took me an extra 45 minutes to get myself ready today with all of those minutes fully dedicated to my hair. My hair is not something I should have to, nor want to dedicate so much time, thought and energy toward. I must have spent 10 minutes trying to convince him that I was still Ms. It took me years to get there, but I love my curly hair. For our three-day experiment, Jimenez wore her natural curls to see if her assumption was right.

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