Haram islam dating

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Haram islam dating

This becomes among the most potent tools for promoting conversion away from Hinduism.

And interestingly most of these Manu bashers perhaps never ever gave Manu Smriti a serious reading!

The most popular scripture that is used as scapegoat is the Manu Smriti – Some also attempt to allege casteism in Vedas as well.

However we have already debunked these fake claims and established the Vedic view in the series on Vedas and Caste System.

This illogical caste-system was the prime reason why India had to be partitioned in 1947.

And this disgusting caste-system is the prime reason why despite so much of talent and intellectual treasure, India is still a sluggish meek spineless snail in the race towards prosperity and power. Let us now review these allegations using evidences from Manu Smriti itself. First ever book on the misconceptions of birth based caste system in Hinduism!

It is surprising to find even today, many a defenders of these two nuisances from otherwise intellectual and educated backgrounds.

Now, Manu Smriti is among the most controversial texts of Vedic culture.

But despite all these problems and threats, the top two – by a wide margin – would remain casteism and gender discrimination.

This is because all the rest of the problems can be attributed in one way or the other to these two core disgraces of our otherwise glorious culture.

Thus it becomes utmost necessary to review Manu Smriti and check what it actually stands for.1. Manu legalized harsh punishments for Shudras and special provisions for upper-castes and especially Brahmins.3. This book will dispel all myths and establish the principles of social equality that form the foundations of Hinduism.

More info →Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings.

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We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models.

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