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First, its endemic violence (it is significant that the first question raised by foreign journalists after the award of the football world cup to Brazil in 2014 was about security and the safety of the fans).

Second, the fact that it is a society where key institutions have been corrupted yet which lacks common political and intellectual reference-points to help it escape from this condition.

His website is here Among Arthur Ituassu's articles on Brazil in open Democracy: "Brazil: never the same again" (4 October 2005) "Violence in Brazil: all are targets, all are guilty" () "Brazil at the crossroads" (15 August 2006) "The green and yellow phoenix" (29 September 2006) "Brazil, let's talk" (4 October 2006) "Welcome to politics, Brazil" (1 November 2006) "Brazil: the moral challenge" (18 April 2007) Capitão Nascimento's organisation is the powerful (Special Police Operations Regiment / Bope), a kind of Brazilian Swat team.

It is called out - only when things get really bad - to undertake coordinated operations against criminal gangs in Rio.

They view him as a beacon of hope and Bope as a rare example of a Brazilian institution that really works. There are dozens of articles about the film and its impact, and endless interviews: with José Padilha, Wagner Moura, Luiz Eduardo Soares (the sociologist and former public-security minister who co-wrote the book which inspired the movie), and Rodrigo Pimentel and André Batista (Soares's co-authors, whose experience as young military-police officers and eventual Bope recruits the film also depicts).

The book itself has sold over 100,000 copies, an enormous number for Brazil.

It is pointless to blame Bope or the film: exposes two aspects of Brazil's tragedy.The arena of dispute was quickly occupied by three clear, distinct positions.Taken together, in the way that they work to polarise opinion rather than to build consensus on the urgent social issues that Brazil faces, they well represent how politics in Brazil is currently being conducted. Arthur Ituassu is professor of international relations at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is not good for the leader of an elite regiment specialising in urban warfare.

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Bope's job is to solve - "clean" - the situation.