Updating ata controller

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Other reasons can show up in the event log, so check this first and see if you can find repeated Atapi errors recorded. You can use the procedures described on this page, but your computer will probably fall back to PIO mode again and again, until you solve the underlying problem, which may be located inside the device, on the motherboard, or in the IDE data cable and its connectors.

A dramatic example was reported on 2006-12-29 by David Hähningen: If you (half asleep in the dark and with considerable force) try to put the ATA plug on the hard disk the wrong way around, the gap called "KEYPIN" (pin 20 on the plug) pushes pin 21 of the hard disk socket and bends it aside.

(The computer booted from a SCSI disk.) Enabling device recognition solved the problem without any further measures.

2009-06-27 – markvm confirmed again that the BIOS in a Dell computer prevented DMA mode. In his case a hard disk was not recognized by the BIOS.

2008-03-30 – Arran located the elusive drivers for this ALI M5229 controller chip.

Please read his comment For those with the ALi M5229 IDE Controller in the comments on one of the next pages.

The alternative, slow and inefficient data transfer mode is called PIO, Programmed Input-Output, where the central processor transfers data byte for byte or word for word.

If your device had its own manufacturer's drivers installed, this program cannot fix the problem and will not do anything to them.

in our multimedia devices, tele-phones, microwave ovens, medical and health based equipments e.g.

blood-pressure meter, UPS, Power supplies, burglar alarms & detectors and other security and safety equipment, etc.

It uses a procedure called cycle stealing, where the central processor memory access cycles are delayed for very short times to intersperse DMA controller memory access cycles.

Some newer, faster DMA modes are called UDMA (Ultra DMA).

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Correcting the BIOS setting immediately enabled the DMA mode.

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