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Website to keep web page updating

If you do that, Dreamweaver will assume that you want to change the appearance of your whole website, and proceed to go through every web page based on this template and update it to your new design.

By default, Dreamweaver regards the entire template as part of your fixed design.Office Publisher 2007 is an excellent authoring tool to use when you want to quickly create, publish, and manage simple, static websites that match your business brand and that require revisions of only text and graphics.Office Publisher 2007 is not the appropriate tool in the following cases: You can create a new Web publication in Office Publisher 2007.Since this is chapter 7 of the Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial series, you will probably need to start with chapter 1 if you aren't already very familiar with Dreamweaver CS5.I will assume knowledge of all the things I've mentioned in the previous chapters.

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You do not need to manually go through every page to make those design changes.

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